Focusing on the home consumption scene to tap the potential market, the house actually makes the spa

2018-09-04 15:58

Mountains and rivers are integrated into daily home life, and Chinese aesthetics can also shine in the field of smart home. However, professionals also believe that we can not only rely on the appearance or feelings, "national tide" is not only the transplantation, appropriation, collage of cultural symbols, but also the creative transformation and innovative development of the cultural field. "An important core to support the future long-term development of 'Guochao' is to return to the service and quality of products."

Focusing on the home consumption scene to tap the potential market, the house actually makes the space "tide" up

Looking back on the 25-year history of the house, we give full play to our own advantages in national policy guidance, combined with development opportunities, and work together with the upstream and downstream of the industry to jointly promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the home industry. Wang Linpeng said, "The company seeks new changes and actively explores new industrial relations, innovative business models, industrialization of scientific and technological innovation, and building new quality productivity."

In the industry, it was the first to put forward the slogan of "pay first" in the store, laying the brand foundation of high-end and high-quality service of the House brand. After that, he took the lead in putting forward service commitments such as "green environmental protection", "one month without reason to return or replace goods", and "zero delay in delivery and installation", to ensure that the service concept of the first payment proposed by the house is truly implemented, and to ensure that customers can enjoy the after-sales service commitment and related after-sales protection of the house.

Not only that, in the current form of new consumption, artificial intelligence as the core of the fourth generation of technological revolution is sweeping, as a heavy service, heavy experience of the traditional industry, actually home is the first to lead the home improvement industry to embrace change, create change, in the change from manufacturing to intelligent evolution.

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