Increase channel sinking efforts to cover the depth of the market

2018-09-04 16:02

Some investors asked about its efforts to keep product prices stable. Wrigley home said that the company will actively continue to promote the adjustment of product lines, promote the maintenance of a reasonable product sales structure, while according to different consumption scenarios, different customer groups to upgrade and supplement the corresponding product lines, and on this basis, promote sales policy focus.

On the basis of product line upgrading and supplementing, Wrigley Home continues to promote store redecoration and bureau reform, promote store image upgrading and product experience upgrading, improve store efficiency, and enhance consumer experience, so as to further promote the improvement of retail end; At the same time, according to market changes, targeted work is carried out for market segments in each channel to promote the development of each channel.

Wrigley home furnishing said that in the selection of sinking channel dealers, it gives priority to existing high-quality dealers with sinking channel network resources and distribution teams, and dealers with small scale, weak strength and imperfect teams develop sinking channel dealers separately for sinking channels, and carry out sinking channel distributor ordering meetings to support the landing of activities. Wrigley home will continue to increase the channel sinking efforts to form a deep coverage of the market.

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